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We’re an aspiring team of coders and creatives

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Our Origin Story


Michael Shenuk


Aimee Lynn Garske

Co-Founder, Head of Operations

The On Call Assistant

This concept started as an agreement between the co-founders. Mike was in the thralls of an ever increasing level of business due to quick expansion of the local real estate market in early 2020. He was unable to keep up with business demands or hire an assistant to do so and was fearful of that commitment. Aimee’s full time workload was cut short from her agent as she was exiting the business.

The two met and Aimee began working as Mike’s part time assistant on an hourly business. It allowed Mike to free up much needed time to work with clients more effectively as well as create opportunities to gain even more clients. Shortly after working together Mike let Aimee know “I think we have something here” – “We can help agents all over the world bridge the gap between a single agent and an agent with a full-time assistant”.

After the co-founders revelation The On-Call Assistant was born – an organization dedicated to getting agents their time back – freeing their schedule from non-income generating tasks according to their needs, when their business cycles dictate, without commitment. Mike and Aimee quickly realized that our services were being used by all levels of agents in our market, not just newer agents or accelerating agents but even teams were using The On-Call Assistant as back up task providers to their full time assistants. If agents are involved in Real Estate tasks – The On-Call Assistant can provide the support to any level of agent with virtually any task- period. The On-Call Assistant was born.

We delivered our first tasks in 2020 and have been growing ever since. In 2023 we expanded out of Colorado Springs and then nationwide in 2024.

Our Mission

Our Values

To simply provide the highest quality and most cost effective task delivery for Real Estate agents across the country.
- Highest quality of service delivery as our customers would expect
- Provide a fair price to Agents
- Provide a fair wage to our service delivery partners

Client Reviews


Client Reviews

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